Does Earth need to be saved?

Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest guy, said;“We can save earth”. And, to do this, he launched a $10 Bezos Earth Fund kicking off his own effort to fight climate change, accordingly saving humanity. It goes without saying that his solution to prevent death of humans is to “save the earth” first; and that, with money. While there is nothing wrong with the whole world, in a personal way, to “clean up and not pollute our surroundings”, is this really the way to save mankind?

His solution is a stark distraction from where the focus of humanity should be in attaining salvation. And worse, this is entirely a reversal from what actual process is needed, not with money, for humans to be saved. According to Jesus, the true Savior, what was planned from the beginning and has already been in the “execution stage” from the time of creation, was a process of human salvation from eternal death. Yet, Jeff Bezos, “another false savior”, is focusing on earth’s survival due to “climate change/global warming” to prevent human extinction.

It then begs the question, does earth really need to be protected from CO2 emission, to save humanity? Although questionable, many scientists with 97% consensus, have predicted/prophesied that global inundation will happen leading to death of all living things. Accordingly, heat from earth will be trapped by CO2 concentration in the atmosphere and will cause increasing surface temperature on earth. Brush fires, forest fires and drought will follow. Ice polar caps will melt into water that will cover everything and life as we know it ends. Dr Mark Imisides is leery of this, as he calculated that it takes 6 septillion joules of energy to heat earth’s water up by 1 degree Centigrade.

This human “prophecy” is akin to a well-known and subscribed to by many, who believed in the hoax of a 1960’s best-seller book “Population Bomb by Paul Erlich. This was based on Malthusian theory which predicted death to mankind unless population is controlled. Consequences of this teaching can be understood by how China and India acted on this theory and suffered. Now, in this era of $T companies, climate-change is the “modern Paul Revere”, warning of global catastrophe.

When will humans learn that they don’t know what the future holds? Only the Creator-God (YHVH-Elohim) knows what the “destiny of man is. And that no one, even Jeff Bezos with his $B, needs to “save earth” to save mankind. Global inundation already happened in Noah’s time and God promised with a “sign of a rainbow that there will be no second time that the earth will be covered by global flood.

How then can humanity be saved from “eternal death”? And that, not by “saving earth” first. Unbeknownst to many, the plan has been in execution from the beginning of time. The plan was a “direct salvation of man”, in contrast to climate-change believers who preferred to “save earth”, thus indirectly saving humanity.

God’s plan is a process, based on love, that entails a progressive realization and completion of events planned way back to creation. These steps have been revealed through the Bible, as follows:

1. Creation of the universe and humans as described in Genesis by YHVH-Elohim(Lord God), Jesus-Christ, the creator of the invisible and visible.

2. Experiential developments that leave an incontrovertible and recurring message of human inadequacy. Humans are “incomplete and weak by themselves” to attain eternal life on their own. Human experience has catalogued the ups and downs throughout history. Even Genesis Adam-Eve, King Nimrod, Cain-Abel, Noah family, Abraham-Lot, Ishmael-Isaac, Jacob-sons,“chosen Israel”, King Saul, David, Solomon, Job and all the way down there genealogies were found to be wanting; until Jesus Christ came into being. who himself declared truly that the “flesh is weak. Human kingdoms come and go by the wayside as shown by successive powers in King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and could not establish an “eternal kingdom”, until the Son of God (Jesus Christ) returned to earth to establish it.

3. Incarnation of Creator-God (YHVH-Elohim) into a human Jesus for:

A. In-dwelling of the Holy Spirit which only the Father can give as a “gift” to “ man/anthropos-Jesus. Like Job who did not sin on his own, Jesus’ “own righteousness” was still “as filthy rags, not worthy as a “sweet savor to the Father. But, unlike Job who came “from the ground” (earthy), needed a savior and who also was called “upright , blameless and perfect in his eyes” by God on his own doing, Jesus (by contrast) did not need a “savior” from Adam’s sin as Jesus “came from above as incarnated YHVH-Elohim and therefore “heavenly”. Yet, being human and without miraculous powers, Jesus also needed to have this Holy Spirit of power. As the first human to receive the in-dwelling of the “Holy Spirit” at River Jordan, he was the first of the firstfruits”, the trailblazer”, the “pioneer/captain of our salvation” to be empowered by this “added-on power” (Advocate/Comforter) to overcome Satan and do miracles, with the first being the water-into-wine at the wedding in Cana. Even with this “in-dwelling”, he maintained free-will to choose the “will of his Father” over “his own will” as described in his last night at the garden of Gethsemane. With the “in-dwelling power of the the Holy Spirit” gifted to him by the Father, he followed the “will of the Father” in all respect throughout his earthly life and became one” with him all the way through death by crucifixion.

B. Death of the Passover to reconcile humanity to the Father. Jesus is the “passover lamb” whose death was taken as “atonement of sins of humanity” thereby reconciling us to the Father. As Paul said, Adam sinned and all humans died by imputation; as Jesus (the second Adam) died by crucifixion and this was also acknowledged by the Father and imputed as due consequence of humanity’s past sins, thus debts paid for.

4. He was then resurrected, as a “reward” for what he did, by the Father as promised, and became the “sweet savor”(the wave-sheaf offering) for the whole humanity. It takes a “live person” to receive what was promised. As such, the Father gave him the “gift” of the Comforter/Holy Spirit to then be gifted back to others starting at Pentecost. As the Bible said, we shall be saved through his life”, i.e., he had to be resurrected to life, for us to live through receiving this Holy Spirit of power.

5. The Christ (Savior) is then empowered through the Holy Spirit to in-dwell in the “spirit-of-man”, (the real you) to then guide, develop, nurture humans to be “one” with him and the Father. And this is an “ongoing creation” by the same Creator-God, the YHVH-Elohim who incarnated into Jesus, the Christ working in us individually and directly for our salvation.


Salvation of humanity is directly through humans, not save earth first, by the power of the “Holy Spirit in-dwelling” in the “spirit-of-man”(the breath of life). This Holy Spirit of power was first given to the “trailblazer, pioneer,Captain of our salvation”, the “man-Christ Jesus”, to be the “first of firstfruits”. He then followed the guidance and will of the Father with this in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit, all the way through Gethsemane and Calvary. After his death that reconciled man to the Father, the only “sweet savor/aroma to the Father, he was then resurrected as promised, to receive the Comforter/Holy Spirit to be given to other humans starting at Pentecost. With this new power which Jesus never had before, he can then “dwell in the temple not made by hands”( that breath of life in us/ the spirit-of-man) to make us “one” with the Father, as Jesus is “one” with him with the goal of all being “one” in this “kingdom of God”.

God bless🙏😇

Original post/Hyperlink version 3/1/2020

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