Son of God…What Does It Mean?
The blockbuster movie ”Son of God” which was supported and encouraged for viewing by mega churches (1) had its world premiere this year on February 28. As a miniseries in History channel, it was touted by many to be phenomenal but even more awe-inspiring this time as a movie. Directed by Christopher …

Thanksgiving 2003

Throughout the whole U.S.A., the 4th Thursday of November by tradition has been set aside to give thanks to God for all the blessings we received individually and collectively, as a family or as a nation. Thanksgiving Day commemorates our appreciation for…

The Passion of Christ

Today, I finally got to see Mel Gibson’s movie! It was a powerful and moving experience to see what the Pope allegedly described as ” it is as it was” and for which Billy Graham wept. While it is a fiction-film based on a true story, one cannot but praise Mr. Gibson…

What is God?

What is God-Kingdom.

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