Topics and Issues

The Destiny of Man
Why am I here? Why was I born? Is there any purpose in my life? As the average lifespan is about 70 years, so is that all there is to our longevity? After death…

Deification of Man
In the article “Destiny of Man”, one sees that God is reproducing himself. Man as an “image of God” is an earthy reproduction or replica of Him, and “God saw…it was very good.”

What is God
Sounds ridiculous? Yet surprisingly, many of us may be misinformed about what is God . Some may be atheist and denies existence of God. Others are agnostics and still groping for the answer…

Ongoing Creation

Kingdom of God in Human Anatomy.

Who and and where is the Real You http://

Gospel “about” vs “of” Jesus

Basics of Human Development…

Born Again.

Trinity Doctrine Deconstructed.

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