Palindrome 02/02/2020?

Some claim that Palindrome 02/02/2020 has not happened for over 900 years and that a major global event may happen today, because of it. Allegedly, the last occurred 909 years ago and the next won’t happen until 12/12/2121 according to Ivanka Trump.

Going through any global event, it is not the global contagion coronavirus, since it started in Wuhan, China sometime ago. It is not even Brexit nor signing of USMCA either. If anything, the only global event today marks Super Bowl LIV between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. While the Chiefs won after 50 years, there is nothing unique about this, as this is now the 54th Super Bowl.

But while this is the first eight digit palindrome of its kind since 11-11-1111,  There are a total of 38 palidrome dates in the 21st Century, in the month/day/year date format, as calculated by Aziz Inan, an electrical engineering professor at the University of Portland“.

Similarly, whatever global event occurs in today’s palindrome, is there any better time to reiterate the basic solution to human maladies than now?

Human history

From the very first account of humans in Genesis, all that emerges as an inevitable theme of finality is man’s mortality. Everyone dies at their own unique time, whether intra-utero, 70 years or hundreds of years later as Methuselah who lived 969 years. Along the way, human history is a catalogue of sin, aches and pain, sickness, suffering from calamities and worse, our violent past.

Humanity has gone a long way since then and that by sheer intellect that made possible lots of progress in inventions, innovations and the ability to be better. Still, whatever man does, goes back to what haunts us, our “will-o-the-wisp” existence.

Death does not respect young or old, fame, wealth, pristine positions or material success; everyone eventually dies at their own time. But, cheers to God who created us for a purpose, have planned and is executing the solution to mortality.

Hope for the ultimate solution

As the LIV Super Bowl winner said, “never lose hope“. So should we not lose hope on “destiny of man” and look forward to the completion of God’s plan.

For now, the ultimate goal for humanity is salvation which is synonymous with “eternal life” or “immortality”. And, salvation is a process (not immediate) that has been planned from the beginning of time and came about because of God’s love and grace for mankind. Like any process, the bottom line and execution take time and requisite events must occur, viz.,

1. Creation of humans from the ground and “breath-of-life” breathed into his nostrils to become aliving being“. Without that “breath-of-life” the created matter-composed person has no life until Creator God(YHVH ELOHIM) “breathe” into his nostrils, this life-giving “spirit-of-man” component. A “living being” is composed of “flesh ” that comes from the ground and therefore earthy, + the “breath-of-life” which directly comes from the “life-giving” spirit God-Almighty, the YHVH-Creator, (Lord God/YHVH ELOHIM) and therefore spiritual and heavenly.

2. Through millennia of experience, humans will see that, on their own and with their very best, they will still be deficient in their abilities and power to fulfill the promise for them to have “dominion over all” as in Genesis(NKJV) and be in the “kingdom of God“. For accounting/imputation/charging of sin toone man“, the Ten Commandments were given at the time of Moses to humanity. They were written in 2 “tables of stone” to condemn sin in the flesh, for sin to abound(multiply) in its abomination and show how powerless humans with “stony heart” could be to fulfill all. There would be time, as promised and prophesied, when the “deliverer/Yeshuah” (man-Jesus) of this power, will come.

3. The Messiah comes as incarnated YHVH-Elohim (Lord God/Creator God) and named Jesus ( Jehusuah/Yeshuah). This is the human prophesied to be the “trailblazer, Captain, author and finisher“, the “way, truth and the life” towards human salvation. He led a “righteous life” on his own (like Job) but as the Bible said,“…our righteousness are as filthy rags”. The righteousness that comes from “human-Jesus” as “fruits from our fleshly being” is not what God requires as “sweet savor gift/sacrifice” to him. Instead, the righteousness that God seeks, comes from “fruits of the Holy Spirit“. And, to have these fruits, one has to receive it, starting from the trailblazer man/anthropos Jesus. At River Jordan, after coming out of water baptism, John saw Jesus received the full measure of the Holy Spirit that empowered him to overcome Satan and do miracles. Jesus was the “prophesied one” to be the “first” to receive this in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit. And, rightfully, he is the “captain, trailblazer, the wavesheaf (first) of the firstfruits”, the example towards our salvation.

After receiving the empowering in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit, he died as propitiation for our sins to reconcile as to the Father. But, even more importantly, he was resurrected by the Father (as promised), to receive the “comforter/Advocate/Holy Spirit” to be given to us for the first time, starting at Pentecost.

4. Predestined time to have the first opportunity to receive the Holy Spirit was alluded to in the narrative about the “firstfruits and latterfruits”. God has chosen who will “be calledat their own time, like in Israel harvest for the “first(spring), and latter summer and fall harvest”. These harvests are opportunities that God provides to receive the empowering in-dwelling Holy Spirit. Jesus was the “first of the firstfruits, Jesus, being the “wave sheaf offering”(NLT), first order of resurrection. From Pentecost through the first trump“, humans are receiving the Holy Spirit of power to guide, protect and sanctify the elect“, the firstfruits, the first (after Jesus) to resurrect as “spirit-composed living beings“. Then the “latterfruits” during and after the Millenium.

5. Growth & Development after receiving the Holy Spirit of adoption. As following the guidance of the Advocate/Holy Spirit and being “one” with Christ and the Father are voluntary and with freewill, having the in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit does not equate necessarily to “salvation/immortality“. All will need to grow and develop as genetics and intra-uterine development taught us regarding the “gospel of and about Christ“. We are currently in the “womb of the church” for this process of sanctification, before delivery in a “twinkling of an eye“. This concept of time taken to develop is shown in the life of Abraham, Moses, the patriarchs, Paul, etc. who has to take years to receive the Holy Spirit and develop. The patriarchs did not receive the Holy Spirit but others assumed they did, forgetting that the first recipient has to be the “trailblazer“, the “anthropos/man-Jesus. So did not Job , who was “blameless and upright” in and by himself and not because of the Holy Spirit. . (NB. Even now , Abraham, Moses and patriarchs of old, are still in their graves, did not receive the promises and waiting for the Holy Spirit to be given to them when they get resurrected.) Remember, “the first shall be last and the last will be first“?

Post Pentecost, notice that even the 7 churches of God in Revelations with the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome temptations, were sinning and admonished to change. No wonder, we still have a High Priest(Jesus) interceding for sins we still commit. And , everyone else WITH the in-dwelling of Holy Spirit has “ongoing creation”. Each one of us, has to carry our own crosses daily through “developmental stages”.

Thank God, we have “intercessor” Christ.

Then comes the first resurrection, Battle at Armageddon, Millennial reign of Christ, last battle with human Gog & Magog, latter fruits resurrection, last judgment, new heaven and earth.

God Bless 🙏😇👍

Original Post: 02/04/2020. Please click on hyperlink highlights.

Dedicated to everyone, especially to someone I know who celebrated her 18th birthday on this very palindrome day of 02/02/2020. Also, to:

The Kansas City Chiefs for their “never lose hope” comeback from a 10 point deficit to win Super Bowl LIV, to radio host Rush Limbaugh who announced his advanced lung cancer 02/03/2020, World Cancer Day , to POTUS45 for his SOTU 02/04/2020 and acquittal/exoneration from impeachment 02/05/2020.

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