Was the Emmaus walk that Sunday, the day of Jesus’ resurrection?

Was the “Emmaus walk” that Sunday, the “resurrection day“?

The short answer is “No“. For an explanation, please follow me through on this.

In Luke 24:13-35, that “same day” (v-13) when the 2 disciples started to walk from Jerusalem to Emmaus was the day part of Sunday; indeed, but not necessarily the resurrection day.

Proof: “When they went” has to be after they knewall that had happenedfrom trial/crucifixion/burial including the resurrection. That day when “all happened” had to be Sunday when it was confirmed by “Peter and the women”(Lu.24:12).They knew this “empty tomb” (v-23-24) through the women who were there early sunrise of Sunday.

With Wednesday Nisan 14 crucifixion, and as “Jonas was 3 days and 3 nights in the belly of the fish”(Matt.12:39-40), Jesus already resurrected towards the end of Saturday going towards the beginning night part of Sunday. Remember, Jesus was buried towards the day-end of Wednesday, on Nisan 14, as by tradition no one gets buried on a sabbath, which was the 1st Day of the annual Feast of Unleavened Bread starting Thursday, Nisan 15.

According to the biblical account, Emmaus is “three score furlongs”, which can be 7 miles walk or 19 miles from Jerusalem. Whatever many miles it took to travel “60 furlongs” during that time, the key is that it must have taken “days“.

However, the narrative states that they reached Emmaus on the 3rd day. The “third day” was the 3rd from Sunday when they started the trip from Jerusalem ( Sunday, Monday, Tuesday); not 3rd day from crucifixion to resurrection(as others misinterpreted). The “day was far spent” (v-29, meant Tuesday towards sunset and to begin the following start of annual sabbath Wednesday nightime) so they invited the resurrected Jesus to eat (v-30) with them. And they started to rest that Wednesday night as it was the start of the 7th day of Unleavened bread, an annual sabbath, also a “rest day”. See also, Feast of Unleavened Bread in Lev 23:5-8 proving that Nisan 15 and Nisan 21 are annual or high Sabbaths


The disciples’ first knowledge that Jesus was resurrected was when the women, who were bringing spices, saw an empty tomb on the early part of Sunday. They then hurriedly told the disciples including Peter who confirmed the empty tomb in Luke 24:1-12.

With that said, the “walk from Jerusalem to Emmaus” started on the day part Sunday, after the disciples were informed by Mary(mother of James), Mary Magdalene and Joanna, who saw the empty tomb and confirmed by Peter and the disciples about the resurrection. It took the 2 disciples, one named Cleopas, 3 days to walk from Jerusalem (Sunday, Monday, through end of Tuesday) and reached Emmaus towards the or end or sunset of Tuesday, the “third day” when the “day was far spent”. The beginning for the 7th day of the 7-days annual sabbath of Unleavened Bread, was Wednesday, after sunset of Tuesday.

Jesus and the disciples then had a meal with “unleavened bread” on that Wednesday’s annual sabbath, the 7th day of Feast of Unleavened Bread. . There eyes were then opened to see that it was Jesus walking with them all along as in Luke 24:29-35

The Emmaus walk indeed started on the early day of Sunday after the disciples knew “all that had happened” (the trial/crucifixion/burial and resurrection). But, the “crucifixion” was on the day-part of Wednesday. To fulfill his prophecy that he would be 3 nights and 3 days similar to Jonah’s in the “belly of the big fish“, Jesus was buried before the end of Wednesday as the following evening was Thursday annual Sabbath, the 1st of the 7-day Feast of Unleavened Bread. By law and tradition, no one gets buried on a sabbath.

The resurrection was at the end of Saturday, counted from burial towards the end of Wednesday day, i.e., the beginning of Thursday (the start of the sabbath on the 1st day is the 7-days Feast of Unleavened Bread) and towards the end/sunset of Saturday; exactly 3days and 3nights as Jonas was in the belly of the big fish, and before the beginning of Sunday, i.e., from “even-to even or sunset-to-sunset”, a Hebrew reckoning of the day as instructed by God.

God bless😇🙏👍

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