When to re-open with fear/panic of Covid-19, May 1, if:

When to re-open?

When to re-open? Requisites and action plan, just thoughts from a humble CVT surgeon, not an ID-specialist/expert:

Open by May 1, 2020 if:

1. Number of cases and deaths continue to decline by data the past 2 weeks. Bend/flatten the curve and level it off

2. To enhance trust and move away from “fear/panic”, all healthcare workers (including first-responders and volunteers exposed to general population) must be tested; if + and asymptomatic or with mild-moderate symptoms,then stay-at-home and follow guidelines to prevent transmission. If -, then continue to take care of patients and people. Before reporting for office-work, all non-healthcare workers,must be tested and if + or -, follow same. Guidelines to be followed by business and consumers.

3. For business, use rolling process, sector-specific and state/local specific depending on risk of exposure. This has to be modifiable as changes may have to be made along the way. Those business that can be done on-line continues.

4. All (people/business) must continue the best they can to follow POTUS45’s Coronavirus Task Force guidelines.

5. Most importantly, continue to pray for God’s blessing of safety, protection and guidance.

Original post: April 14, 2020

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