Chinese virus, xenophobia and blame game

On use of “Chinese Virus”, xenophobia and “blame game”.

Recently, the social media are teeming with comments about POTUS45 calling SARS-CoV-2 as “Chinese-virus” and was criticized. This was apparently in response to Chinese Communist Party’s blaming the USA for this global pandemic. Others in the media also used the same name. Undoubtedly, it started in Wuhan, China, a province of Hubei and deductions as to whether “intentional or not”, maybe “right or wrong”. As practically everyone knows the origin of this plague and as a world-leader, should POTUS45 respond against this propaganda by wallowing in the same mud as the CCP? Nonetheless, does this response make our President xenophobic? Likewise, Guy Sorman, a well-known capitalist and globalist, supportive of Chinese people “called out Pres. Xi “ to be blamed for SARS-CoV-2”. Yet, does his opinion on Xi, make him xenophobic and should be curtailed? Will 1A right be squashed because of “evil people” who may use this pandemic as a justification for violence against Chinese-Americans? Will #blameChina or #blameXi be used as a “trigger for xenophobia expressed in violence”? Yet, this backlash against Chinese in NY subway train because of the virus and others unrelated violence against Asian-Americans are real in our time. While rhetoric cannot be blamed for “actions that cause physical harm”, in a similar vein, is this the time to blame “anyone” for this pandemic that may “stoke the flames of “fear and panic” in this uncertain times?

Indeed, in a time like we are all now facing, let everyone refrain from assigning blame and use the actual identity of this virus, SARS-CoV-2. Instead, let us work together against a common enemy, foster unity not division and put all our weight and innovative enterprise to put this menace behind us. And that, for the love of USA.

God bless 🙏😇

Hyperlink version posted March 21, 2020

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