Holy Spirit as a Person, why it is Not…the bottom line?

Historically, and for generations ago, the Holy Spirit has been taught to be the “3rd person in the Godhead“. The teaching of the three Cappadocian theologians “made it possible for the Council of Constantinople (381) to affirm the divinity of the Holy Spirit, which up to that point had nowhere been clearly stated, not even in Scripture”( The  HarperCollins Encyclopedia of Catholicism, “God,” p. 568).See also:

The trinity doctrine is the belief that God is three persons coexisting in one being or substance, as the doctrine is often defined, is held by millions of Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox believers alike. 

Yet, UCG teaches that the Holy Spirit is “power” and not a distinct person. “To say the least, these depictions are difficult to understand if the Holy Spirit is a person

Bottom Line:

While the Holy Spirit is “energy/power” that emanates from the Father, what it does is more poignant. Indeed it is a “life-giving power”. It is the power that is transformative in developing a God-kingdom. It’s in-dwelling in the “mind/spirit-of-man” guides the person to develop wisdom in choosing what is right or wrong, a period of sanctification, to be “one” with the Father. And by resurrection from the dead, in a “twinkling of an eye”, we will be “declared sons/daughters of God.

Being a “son” and member of the body of Christ is “by adoption of humans”. First human, as prophesied to be “adopted into the God Kingdom”, is the trailblazer, author of our salvation, man-Jesus Christ. And he showed us the “way, the truth and life” to be adopted , as well.

For further reading : https://fact-s.net/2019/04/28/bible-bottom-line/

God bless🙏😇

Hyperlink version original post: January 25, 2020

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