Does salvation come by faith or faith comes from salvation? Which is first?

It depends on:

1. Which comes first and from which it emanates.

2. The concept of time at which “salvation” actually occurs.

Let me explain.
At the outset, we all need to be reminded that the “faith of Jesus” is the initiating (originating) event that has to occur before the “process of salvation” comes to fruition. Not anybody else’s faith, even though that is required and needed. Without this “faith of Jesus“, the process of salvation would not have commenced. As Jesus’ faith is first and foremost, indeed, we are “saved by faithof Jesus. Not “by works” which only come after or secondary to the “in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit, which was promised and given as a gift.
Salvation is a process that is initiated by the “faith of Jesus” in the covenantal promises of God the Father. What the Father promised to the Creator God/Elohim in Genesis 1, the YHVH Elohim/ Lord Almighty in Genesis 2, the Logos in John 1:1 who incarnated into man-Jesus(anthropos), the “same yesterday-today-forever”, will be fulfilled. With emphasis on the word “will“, meaning “future” as the “salvation” is a process that has to occur every step of the way to culminate in its actuality.
This process includes:

1. Incarnation of Elohim/Logos into man-Jesus. Being spiritually-composed, the Creator God is immortal. Incarnation into a mortal human being has to occur for him to die as man-Jesus.
2. Death of man-Jesus, the Passover Lamb, for “remission of sin”, as “all have sinned”, to reconcile mankind to God the Father.
3. Resurrection of Jesus into an immortal body, spirit-composed, yet can be visible to mankind as needed. This resurrection has to occur for him to receive the promise of the Holy Spirit to be sent towards us by “in-dwelling“.
4. “Hearing” and “seeing“, through the Holy Spirit, this good news (gospel), we will then develop “faith“(substantive evidence) in Jesus and the Father, thereby believing, trusting in them and  hoping for promises to be fulfilled. Without our “belief” in him, the “Holy Spirit” will not be given to us. With the Holy Spirit thus given and in us, the “fruits of the spirit” will manifest through us. We will “bear fruits” which essentially translates to following the Ten Commandments, expressed in the “fruits of the Holy Spirit”.
The actual “salvation from eternal death” is by becoming  “spiritual bodies” in a “twinkling of an eye” at the time of “resurrection“. The “firstfruits” at the first resurrection when Christ returns will manifest to start the millennial period. Then, the “latter fruits” at their “second resurrection”.

In summary
, salvation is originated by the “faith of Jesus” in God the Father. Our faith or substantive evidence is secondary and “comes from hearing and seeing” spiritually(Rom. 10:14-21), the Son’s gospel and the promise of God the Father. Faith then leads to belief in Him thereby receiving the gift of “in-dwelling” of the Holy Spirit. The “fruits“, which reflect obedience to the Ten Commandments, are then manifested. Without “bearing fruits“, we will be “cut down” like a tree. We are “being saved now” although already “saved by faith” as a mechanism of salvation. However, our salvation comes to actual fruition when our mortal matter-composed bodies change from mortal to immortal spirit-composed bodies. Being immortal, “death where is thy sting?”

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