What is God?

This is a very important question as it relates to who we are in the hierarchy of creation. As the Bible says, “the only accurate way to understand ourselves is by what God is…” Rom. 12:3(The Message, Colorado Springs, Navpress, 1993).
Knowing the different meanings of the original word translated to English “God” will illuminate our understanding. Where are we destined to be? Any concordance will describe what constitutes the generic word in Hebrew “Elohim” and “Theos” in Greek.
When the generic Elohim Creator is referred to, the specific name used is YHVH Elohim, El Shaddai, I AM. Otherwise, the generic name “elohim”and “theos” can also refer to angels including Lucifer the “god of this world”, judges or any human being.
Jesus confirmed that humans are also classified as “god”. As in, John 10:34 Jesus answered, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, you are gods’? Also in Ps. 82:6.

Yes, humans are classified by Jesus, the Creator/Logos himself, as “gods” in the hierarchy of living creation and higher than plants and animals. Currently, we are lower than angels. But, in the future, humans will be higher than them as the “world to come” will not be subjected again to angels but to us, being “sons of God” when we are changed in a twinkling of an eye from mortal to immortal, and being in the “body of Christ”( Heb 2:5-18; Ps.8:4; I Cor. 15:52; I Cor. 12:27). We are currently “an image of God” but eventually will be changed not only “after his likeness or image(mortal, as in Genesis)” but be immortal. And, while similar in “immortal composition”, we are unique among each other and not the same. Yet, we will be “one” with Jesus the Son as well as “one” with God the Father in mindset, plan, direction and love for the Ten Commandments.  Overall, we  in the “God Kingdom”, will continue to be under Jesus (the Head of the body/church) and eventually “all under the Father”(ICor.15:24-28), a functional subordination.
This is our destiny, after the Spirit of God dwells in this “temple” to guide, nurture us to have the “mind of Christ”(I Cor. 2:16).
Please access for expanded version: http://fact-s.net/2014/06/29/what-is-god-2/

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