What really is the “gospel” , the good news? Relevance today?

Yes, what is it really? With so many problems humanity is facing from the past, present and future, does the “gospel” have relevance now and into the future?

Everyday, humanity faces violence, personal injuries, crime, threat to life and eventually, death. But, why do these pose as problems to us? Because of our vulnerability as humans?

Clearly, it is because we are all mortals, created “flesh-composed”, from “dust of earth, therefore “earthy”, mortal and subject to pain, suffering, disease and ultimately, death. For those who believe in creation, why did Creator-God make us so? For what purpose? Is there a long-term plan of Lord-God Creator for humanity? Is this mortal body, the destiny of humankind?

The “good news/gospel” of Jesus is that our current “matter-composed bodies” are merely a “template/temple” and will be changed from mortality to immortality as prophesied in Isaiah/Jeremiah regarding the Potter & Clay. in creating a God-kingdom.


Yes, we are currently “flesh-composed and weak “, and do not have yet achieved the plan to have “dominion overall”. We are still “a template/temple” within which God will in-dwell as promised by/through the Comforter/Advocate,our Helper the Lord, Comforter, the Spirit, Jesus Christ in spirit, to empower and guide us towards the truth and the way to eternal life.

2 comments on “What really is the “gospel” , the good news? Relevance today?

  1. Daniel Parulis says:

    I believe you are asking the wrong questions. It’s not a WHY but a HOW. Why are we flesh and blood and bone? God knows the answer. As ‘people of the garden’ we were given the power not only to NAME all things, but to ‘rule’, or have dominion over God’s creation. Throughout both Testaments we are admonished NOT TO RULE OPPRESSIVELY. Our authority, our strength and power is under Gods authority.

    Think about the two great commandments, LOVE GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. Indeed we are flesh and blood, with the divine spark of life, breathed into us by God. It’s in the most intimate way possible. God has blessed us, and raised the level of our love and commitment to ‘our neighbor’ to say that we ‘would willingly lay down our very lives for another.” God made us, blessed us and convicts us to love and God has loved us.

    (Here’s where I step far away from orthodoxy and dogma, we were not ‘born into sin at birth.) I loving caring, creating God would never ever impart that within us. Never. God desires ‘mercy, humility and compassion.’ It’s God’s grace our renewed strength from God that will allow us to serve God, justice and walk with God in the ‘cool of the evening.’ When God calls out to us in the garden or ‘over the tumult ’ our answer, in prayer is: ‘Here I am…”


    • fact-s.net says:

      I agree that “no one is born into sin at birth”. Nevertheless, God in his wisdom decided that Adam’s/ one-man’s sin be imputed as mankind’s sin and sin started with Adam. And this, so also 1-man’s death (crucifixion, a horrible way to die) as a consequence of that sin be imputed to 1-man-Jesus Christ to reconcile all of us to God the Father.


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