What really is the “gospel” , the good news? Relevance today?

Yes, what is it really? With so many problems humanity is facing from the past, present and future, does the “gospel” have relevance now and into the future?

Everyday, humanity faces violence, personal injuries, crime, threat to life and eventually, death. But, why do these pose as problems to us? Because of our vulnerability as humans?

Clearly, it is because we are all mortals, created “flesh-composed”, from “dust of earth, therefore “earthy”, mortal and subject to pain, suffering, disease and ultimately, death. For those who believe in creation, why did Creator-God make us so? For what purpose? Is there a long-term plan of Lord-God Creator for humanity? Is this mortal body, the destiny of humankind?

The “good news/gospel” of Jesus is that our current “matter-composed bodies” are merely a “template/temple” and will be changed from mortality to immortality as prophesied in Isaiah/Jeremiah regarding the Potter & Clay. in creating a God-kingdom.


Yes, we are currently “flesh-composed and weak “, and do not have yet achieved the plan to have “dominion overall”. We are still “a template/temple” within which God will in-dwell as promised by/through the Comforter/Advocate,our Helper the Lord, Comforter, the Spirit, Jesus Christ in spirit, to empower and guide us towards the truth and the way to eternal life.